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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas...

I am feeling just a little smug right now. Have logged off after finalising my Christmas Gifts for my little nephew in London........yes, thats everyone now done....with a little over TWO WEEKS to go and not one step into any shops!!! My oh my I am so super impressed with myself!!!! Think I deserve a treat, what do you think?
Just for the record I am NEVER EVER this organised, I have to glory in it for just a minute at least!!

TK xx


  1. Oh well done!! Very impressive. I've done it mostly online this year as well. So much better than crowded shops. xx

  2. Bravo ~ treat yourself something really scrummy!! xx

  3. Goodness you are organised! Today we finished ours, almost, but we still have one present to get!

    Yes you deserve a treat!

  4. I'm never as impressed with myself as I am this year either! Except every day or so I remember two more forgotten Christmas gifts...

  5. Well done!!!
    I'm very behind with everything this year. Haven't done any decorations yet and am so frustrated of myself!!
    Need to shift to second gear soon!!

    P.S. What's going on with our weather??? No wonder I have no energy!


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