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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Musings...

Families come in all shapes and sizes...just love this:

Families are the compass that
guide us. They are the
inspiration to reach great
heights, and our compass when
we occasionally falter.

- Brad Henry -

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Each day

Each day is a special gift
A blessing
A bonus in this journey
called life
Get out
and expand your horizons
it will do your soul good

Have a fabulous day

For my beautiful sisters

To my two beautiful sisters, Annaliese and Sophie - I love you both and am so thankful for you. Just wish you lived clos by so we could catch up for coffee!!!


Alpha, she is one
and Omega,
she another
they form
pairs together
entwined as part
of my heart
my mercurial soul

Alpha extends from
my left
and Omega, she holds
my right hand
both are in me
as we mesh
and enfold

Never can
my Alpha
my Omega
be drawn out
stripped and
taken from me
leaving empty spaces

She is Alpha
and Omega the other
they help balance
me with clarity
the one with
the other
this beginning and end
by some Divine chance.

TK 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

This week it's Wednesday Wishful Wonderings!!!

Well life has been just too full on for me, with Clipsal car racing for 4 days, school cricket, appointments, assignments due & me feeling it all!!!

Things to wonder
oh the splendour
God is good
in so many ways

My other children
who have been off
will at last be
in a
place to
see us

I can but wonder
what this brings
I pray
for guidance
that I will
say and do
whats right

I want to let
my two other
know how much
I miss them
how much
I want
to be a
part of their lives

May God give me
to take whatever
and keep Him foremost
at this

Blessings to all this week,


Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Musings...

So many things to be thankful for.....this delightful autumn weather, getting the boy's bunk bed together AT LAST!!!!!, getting my room back to myself - our front lounge is now officially a Tiffany Zone again!!!!, catching up for good Italian coffee with my beautiful friend & her daughter, answers to a dear writing friend's puzzling & worrying illness - MS is the disease BUT she is such a strong amazing person who will use even this to her advantage, watching a movie WITHOUT interruption with Shaun! & meeting more relatives on Shaun's side of the family (though it is due to the sad occasion of Chris' funeral) ......they are loud, funny, full of life & love to debate & argue!!~! I think my family are ever so slightly more demure in our discussions!!!

Have a joyful week,


Friday, March 5, 2010

Beautiful Words......

All my hope on
God is founded,
all my trust
He shall renew
He, my guide through
changing order
only good & only true
God unknown He alone
calls my heart to be
His own.

Robert Seymour Bridges
from Joachim Weander

Monday, March 1, 2010

and a BIG ps!!!!!

It is now officially autumn - hooray - hope it means we are at the tail end of all the overly hot weather we have been having.. I love autumn, its my favouritest season of the year!!!

Monday Musings...

Well there are a few things I have been musing on over the past few days. Firstly sadness in the death of Shaun's aunt. She was just a young 60 & was diagnosed with secondary tumors approximately 4 months ago. She had a fight from the start and she slipped away last Thursday afternoon with her husband, daughter & some of her siblings around her. She had been very sick and so we want to say she is in a better place with no pain. My prayer is that she really did know the Lord as her personal saviour because only then can we say she truly is in a better place.

However I am reminded that God is over all things, he knows the beginning from the end and only He can make the crooked path straight.

Another thing I have been musing is how blessed I am to live here in Adelaide with our wonderful arts community. Currently the Adelaide Festival & Fringe is on. As a part of this fabulous 2 weeks is the Northern Lights display. It is a lighting display shown on some of our old buildings in the city & it is truly magical. Best of all it is FREE!!! We went to view it Saturday night & I have to say it did my soul good.

Have a look for yourself.......it is truly magical..............
Have a beautiful week,