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Thursday, August 18, 2011

my observations

Okay well here it goes I am about to have another little rant on the subject of parenting. Yes, I have written about this before and yet again I find myself observing something that defies belief. Now before I tell you the story I will pre-empt this by saying that I do NOT think I am the best parent in the world nor do I believe I have all the answers!!

I called past my local IGA this morning after doing the school drop off with my little M and noted a dad & mum with their little toddler sitting out in the rather chilly wind eating a morning snack - yes you guessed it - donuts with coca-cola AT 9AM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly I WAS STUNNED that they were sitting outside in the freezing cold with the little boy all snuffled up with a green nose (again you can guess why - they were busy smoking away in between bites of the donuts) but to feed their darling little boy such manufactured sugar, preservative and additive filled food just had me speechless. He would have been under 2!!!! He had his own can of coke and donut. It was probably his breakfast.

I can only imagine how hyped up and ratty this boy is going to be by lunch time and his parents will probably wonder why their little son is being so naughty??!!

Okay, I do not smoke and am not out to have a go at those of you who do, BUT common sense prevails - it is icy cold out this morning and so surely sitting outside was not wise given that the boy was so obviously not well.

Then to choose such nutrient poor foods for their son just got to me. I came home really upset about it and it has me again questioning how people parent. Yes I know that everyone has different models to parent by and we all have had varied and rich experiences but this stuff is just the basics - it should be the ABC of parenting - feeding our children well and nourishing their bodies and their minds are the best gifts we can give them along with our love.

Does anyone hear me?

TK xx

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Musings....

In every little girl, there is a grown-up lady.
In every grown-up lady, there is a little girl.
(ava's tea party - Belle & Boo)

I hope you take time this week to discover the child within - they are so much more fun!!
TK xx

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bright and Beautiful Trinkets

when feeling a little low
its always a good thing
to surround yourself
with bright happy pretty
Item image

I am currently madly
in love with the fabulous
designs of Ayala Bar
Item image

She is considered to be
Israel's leading
costume jeweller
and I think that
her pieces are so
Item image

she entwines beauty
magic and delightful
happiness into each
Item image

it really has me smiling...
I am such a costume jewellery girl
I will pick it every time over
expensive diamonds and pearls.
What about you?

TK xx

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dreaming of Elsewhere

I have been absent from here
for a bit....
life has been hard
its been difficult
and I am needing
to go slow just now

I am being gentle
to my soul
and treating my heart
with kindness
nourishing my body
and feeding my mind

this season too will pass
and in the meantime
I am simply dreaming
of elsewhere.
(photo courtesy of sodahug)
with love & hugs to my dear readers,
TK xx