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Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Musings...

I am musing what kind of tea Alice drank at The Mad Hatter's Tea Party? I so wish I could have been there...don't you...have you ever thrown a "Mad Hatters Tea Party" or any kind of 'tea party'? Do let me know...& be sure to tell me whay kind of tea you served.

TK xx

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Sport

This morning I struggled, I mean I really, really struggled...
...to hear the alarm
...to get out of bed
...to get dressed
...to make my coffee
...to put on my boots
...to get in the car
...to stay awake
...to get to Rugby
...it was so worth it!!!
Go Mitchell!!!
Go NEDS!!!

TK xx

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thoughts for today...

I have some amazing friends & spent some time over a lovely cuppa with one of my gorgeous friends this morning. She is a high-flyer corporate girl who has just been through yet another difficult time in her life. She is so amazingly strong and beautiful despite all that is thrown at her. It caused me to stop & ponder for a moment:

Lift your face
towards the sun
let the rays
warm you
wrap around
your body
cocoon your soul 
 make you safe.

We need to treasure & look after our friendships each & every day, through the good & the bad, in the celebrations that make life what it is & in the dreary & the mundane. Take just a moment, pause & be thankful for all your beautiful friends today.


Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Musings...

When we make things...for the people who matter to us, we make something that will live on beyond us.
                                               ~Kristen Doran~

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Inspiration 7....

my beautiful handmade bouquet garni of fresh herbs ready to go in my
bountiful pot of Bouef Bourgiononne...


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Inspiration 6....

if only these hands could talk
just imagine what
i could learn to appreciate,
to give and to feel
right now.......

TK  2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inspiration 5...

One of my other children is Shaun's beautiful daughter Leia. She hasn't come to visit with us for a while and sadly it may be some time yet HOWEVER this has given me as good opportunity to do up her room into a more grown up style that will always be there waiting for her whenever she decides to come back to visit or stay with us. I miss my other children very much...it breaks my heart but I feel better knowing I have this little project to work on.

As we have been working on the house things have been moved around and her room has been a storage spot to keep things out from under our feet....BUT that is all about to change. The bed will remain (it belonged to Leia's aunt) but as it is bright red it doesn't fit my colour pallette so it will get a lick of paint.

This little book case will stay...my dad made it for us girls when we were little & I had a thing about purple then!!! It will get a coat of paint though!!

This dressing table will go but all Leia's trinkets are going to be kept for her & boxed up in pretty storage that I have spied at NEDS (read bargain!!!)

I am on a strict budget with this room BUT I already have an idea of where I want to head....hence my inspiration for today....

I love the shape of this mirror & the gorgeous lamps.....I have already spied something similar in Target but wil probably only do one lamp. Leia's room is quite small & I think 2 may be too much.

I adore the sumptuous colours here so will keep this in mind. It is way too flouncy & full blown for our Leia but rather to remember the elements of it. I will be aiming for a much cleaner line.

Isn't this desk area just lovely....this is very much along the line...it is actually taken from Rachel Ashwell's daughters room. Same age as our Leia when this was done.

Okay, this is way too much for lovely Leia BUT again I like the light & feel of the room. Leia's room has a large window along one side so she gets lots of beautiful natural light. I want the room to breathe the outside in hence my inclusion of this picture.

Lovely Leia you are my precious girl, I will always adore you & love & care for you no matter what. This labour of love is for you my beautiful daughter & my hope & prayer is that we can share it with you one day.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Inspiration 4....

You do not really understand something
unless you can explain it to your
~ Proverb ~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Inspiration 3....

Well my delightful & imaginative 8 year old Max
gets daily inspiration from these guys!!!
Note that these were left on the back seat of my car over the weekend.....
he spends weekends at his dad's place so it always brings a little smile to my face
 & makes me feel closer to him when I find his little creative treasures
 left behind to keep me company while he is gone!!!

Happy inspiring....another idea for your creative flow coming your way tomorrow!!!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Inspiration 2

I just love these autumn colours,
 they say so much
each one a picture
a story waiting to be
daily monuments
gathering at my
booted feet
i can kneel
start a new phrase
and begin again

TK  May 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010


sometimes you find it in the oddest places.....here are some divine apron inspirations from Jessica steele for you. Note that Charlotte (Sex In The City 2) is wearing one!!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Regina Spektor - "Us" [OFFICIAL video]

I have been a fan of Regina Spektor for a number of years now, way before she went & got all famous. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that my darling husband Shaun had gone out last week & bought a Regina CD for me for Mothers Day. Despite being so crook Sunday he called Max up to our bedroom when Maxie got home & told him where he had hidden it so Max could give it to me with his card.

I truly think I underestimate my husband at times. He is sweet, thoughtful & understanding & knows what I like!!!! Now guess what I am going to be listening to all week!!!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Musings...

Well I am declaring Monday as MY Mothers Day......yesterday, although a beautiful day was a bit of a dud one for me.
1. Shaun got VERY sick Saturday night, not a lot of sleep as he was being sick sick sick EVERYWHERE & we ended up calling a doctor out.
2. I spent yesterday being extra quiet & there for him to help him up to get to the bathroom.
2. My Max came back 2.5hrs late yesterday from his dad's place, so not a lot of time together.

So I didn't get to do my butterfly cakes in the pretty cases BUT will do them tomorrow instead. We have study group tomorrow night so they will make a perfect supper!!

I made the most of it when Maxie got home & we watched "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" with Johnny Depp. I LOVE anything with Johnny Depp in it!!! It meant a late night for him though & I am sure I will pay the price later on today but hey you gotta do this stuff sometimes!!! We both had a good night on the couch with warm milk, cuddles & giggles.

Hope your day was lovely whatever you did,


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Little Touches of Gorgeousness at our place

We are in the middle of renovations at the moment which is all good BUT during the week I found myself getting a little frustrated with continually walking over or around lengths of timber, having to make the paint tins a priority in our back porch (when I just wanted ease of access to the clothesline!!) & spending too much time on the phone with suppliers etc....I just want this ALL done so we can have our weekends FREE again to do other stuff....like well you know other stuff!!!

Anyway I stopped & decided to send myself on a little excursion to photograph some of the gorgeous spots in our home & in the end I found a few!! It helped, actually it helped a lot & I was then able to re-approach the seemingly endless tasks that lay ahead of me. Here is a snippet from me to you so hope you relish in these bundles of gorgeousness as much as me!!

Friday, May 7, 2010


"The living of your own life writes the book of most sacred truth and offers evidence of it"
~ND Walsh~

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mothers Day ideas....

Well I have been running around trying to sort out winter uniforms for Max & of course half of what I need is not available at the School Uniform Shop in his size......so several shops later with SOME things under my arm....I spied these truly cute patty cake papers.

I am planning to make good old fashioned fairy cakes to take along to my sister-in-laws place & the papers will be just perfect!!! I am feeling rather chuffed with myself!!!

Now I plan to sift through & mull over recipes ALL afternoon!!!(if only!!!) Well no actually I am trying to get washing done (despite the rain) a couple of medical appointments this pm & prepare for bible study tonight!! So not so much recipe gazing after all! Will send through an update of the end result next Monday...happy whatever you do day today!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Musings...

Yes well when you are a teenager you think you know EVERYTHING & that your parents know NOTHING!!! I was no exception and despite my mother's valiant attempts to get me to sew prior to sending me off to boarding school I KNEW MUCH BETTER!!!

I even managed to avoid dressmaking for 5 WHOLE YEARS AT AN ALL GIRLS SCHOOL - now that is some feat!!

However now I just kinda wish that maybe, just maybe, I had learnt some basics....but don't tell mum will you!! The reason why?, you may ask...well here it is:

I follow this blogsite for a lovely organic farmer in Victoria who happens to also be rather clever & creative. Check out what she did on the weekend: http://foxslane.blogspot.com/

Have a great day