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Monday, August 8, 2011

Dreaming of Elsewhere

I have been absent from here
for a bit....
life has been hard
its been difficult
and I am needing
to go slow just now

I am being gentle
to my soul
and treating my heart
with kindness
nourishing my body
and feeding my mind

this season too will pass
and in the meantime
I am simply dreaming
of elsewhere.
(photo courtesy of sodahug)
with love & hugs to my dear readers,
TK xx


  1. Dear Tiffani,
    It must be something in the stars, the winds and the gray weather, as I feel much the same (but couldn't put it so beautifully in words as you do).

    Hope the season will soon change into a warmer, more colourful and happier one. And in the meantime, yes, lets be gentle and easy with ourselves, sip a nice cup of tea slowly and enjoy a good book (what are you reading now?)

    Hope the new week will be brighter than the last! xx

  2. ohhh sweet one, is everything ok?
    send me an email if you need to get it off your chest.

    big hugs ♥

  3. Thinking about you friend, I have missed your words. You are often in my thoughts and prayers.


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