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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have been away from here my friends
sad I do feel
things have been a little blue in our home
we are taking one day at a time
we are making time for each other
we are especially looking to be
kind to one another....
and I rest in my God
and the knowledge that
this too will pass....

TK xx


  1. Blue is the colour of the sky and of the sea ~ associated with depth ~ stability ~ and tranquility. A little blue is some-times neccesary!

  2. Dear,
    I hope it is like this cold we have here. It gets more and more depressing, and finally, one day you wake up and it is over. You can't say exactly what was it about and how long it was here, but suddenly the sun is shining, the birds are twitting and the world is back to his old good order.
    I send waves of warmth and happiness your way!!
    xx Galit

  3. Hello Tiffany,
    We all had a good day today, and we were sad you couldn't share the day with you. I hope things get better very soon.


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