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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Our Friends

I am so thankful
for my friends
 friends are our lifeline
our support and our help
they stand by us
the thick and the thin
they help make us
who we are....

Pause and give thanks
for the friendships
you have today
honour and bless
each one for what they are
for what they do for you
and how they enhance
 your life

Embrace the moments
both the big and the small
the great and the not so
the litte details
that only a true friend knows
give thanks for
those who indent
heart marks
along life's way

.......in the words of a dear friend
Beth who always ends her notes to me
with this beautiful saying:
'Peace and Blessings'

TK xx

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  1. Oh, I love this! Friends are wonderful and teach us so much! Whether it's womanly advice or something as simple as marshmallow fluff, I cherish it all!

    (And, Cool Whip is a non-dairy whip topping, so I'm guessing whip cream would work the same for the ice cream cake as long as it freezes ok.)


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