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Friday, July 22, 2011

Daisy Chains


You sought to woo me

and bedazzle me

with over the top

grand gestures

a myriad of flowers

filling your car boot

to over flowing

they were beautiful

so perfect, so beguiling

but complete madness

a bouquet of utter folly

my heart cried

my soul was pierced

tears filled my eyes

you tried so hard

yet you were never

going to capture me

its life’s irony

you see

for I was to be content

with a simple daisy chain

picked on Anlabee’s hill.

TK xx


  1. oh gosh girl, you makin' me cry a little. This is beautiful in a hearbreaking kinda way.
    How is the study going or should I be smacked for using such a horrid word.
    I had a bit of a scare this week speaking to my co-ordinator she didn't get one of my units - I sent it before the holidays, and it contained quite a bit of labelling and fluffing about manually that I really did not want to have to redo. The lucky phone call come this afternoon, they have it oh phew they have it, safe and sound.

    Have a lovely weekend at your place and hoping you are able to take a wee study break to rest and replenish over the weekend.

  2. Hi ya Tiffany..lovely poem as always. Even my grandsons have liked making daisy chains with me ; ) How's the health stuff going I wonder? i have a feeling you are such a lovely mother. Both my boys got sick such a lot when they were little, Anna not quite so much. They are both well & robust in their 20's & I have to say that the most joyous thing is having such a great friendship with them both as grown-ups..phew!!.. we got there & it's so good that we did. Hope you have a relaxed weekend. Cooking anything interesting? Much love Catherine x

  3. Oh! I remember well the daisy and the dandelion chains - beautiful poem! xx

  4. sometimes all that is needed is a simple thing to capture our hearts & leave us content.

    beautiful TK, absolutely beautiful.

    hope you've had a good weekend and this week is filled with smiles and happy moments ♥


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