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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Max is still my "little boo"

We called him that when he was a baby & well the name has just stuck.........he makes me glad that I am a mum, glad to be alive, he is smart, funny, cute, boisterous & totally angelic when he is asleep. God blessed me the day Max was born. His full name is Maxwell but he is called Max by his friends & Maxie or Little Boo by his parents!

He is my reason for being, my inspiration and a credit to us his parents. We do not get handbooks on being parents so we learn along the way....I thank Max for helping me to learn more about me, for making me a better person.

SOUL (for Max)

I want to stand

right next to you

be with you

hold your hand

smile at you

each and every day

Days run

into days

time seems to go by

where did it start

this heart

this soul

this dreamy romance...

I don't know

it happened so suddenly

with rather a brilliant show

what was hours

seemed bare minutes

out you came just so

I love you

I treasure you

you are the ultimate prize

my beautiful son

with your wonderful eyes.

TK 2009

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