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Friday, January 29, 2010

By hook or by crook I'm gonna cover those books!!

Well Max is back to school & so life goes on. First morning started off well but then we had problems when he realised he couldn't wear his sport uniform. Max LOVES the sport uniform but is not so keen on his formal uniform. A number of discussions later we finally get in the car & head off....me quietly saying to myself "I will not yell, I will not yell, I will not yell!!!"

The school book orders were done differently this year. We ordered & paid for them back in November & then instead of a day at school where you could go & collect them, they were delivered direct to our home. Sounded great EXCEPT Max's books only turned up late on Monday night!!! With Tuesday being Australia Day (public holiday) it left me doing the fun task of book covering on Wednesday!!

Well I have to say I hate (make that HATE) contact so endeavoured to find a way that would be easier....after all there were 20 books to do!!! Thank goodness I only had 1 child to worry about!! We found some old calendars (my husband keeps them all....I will NEVER EVER complain about this again...they DO have a use after all!!!) & cut them up & covered the books as they were.

End result VERY boyish - all fast cars & Star Wars - me happy & my little Max estatic!!! He was so pleased that I am going to save myself the grief & do the same next year! Bless you darling Shaun for keeping all kinds of things "just in case"!!!


  1. Way to be strong and not yell! Love the idea of covering the books like that--I love reusing stuff, but, like you, I probably wouldn't have kept an old calendar!

  2. I'm glad it worked out well for you and Max, Tiffany. And I am so glad that Jake, at 16 is well past needing his books covered.

    You missed a great day at the Prince Albert Hotel yesterday. Chris, Anne, Carole and Karen all came along and it all went very well indeed.

    See you Thursday.

  3. Yes I knew it would be a FAB day....I was laid up in bed with a shocking migraine...think its just STRESS!!! It gets to me & throws me for a six...I sooooo wanted to be there but even getting to the loo was a major hassle! TK xx

  4. Poor Tiff. I am so glad I don't get migraines - I have another friend who was laid up for a day or more when she got a migraine. Sometimes I feel guilty in a way for being so lucky with my health.

    See you Thursday night!


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