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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today's thoughts......

Life is full of the "Everyday Surprises" ife we but stop and look around us. I am now continually amazed at what surrounds me on a daily basis that I used to take forgranted. Birds singing outside in my birdbath, my son giving me a warm hug first thing in the morning, a nice cup of tea at the end of the day.....and friends from all around the globe.

This week I have been able to re-connect with a long lost friend from USA - she is living a busy life in Smithfield, North Carolina USA & it has been jsut such a blessing to find her.......its been to long Maxine girl.

I have also discovered another "friend" by accident & she blogs beautifully.....she has prompted me to start my own blog site...so here you are Beth I am officially up & running!!!

I discovered Felix Doolittle - do yourself a huge favour & check them out: www.felixdoolittle.com as their stuff is just awesome. Notelets, writing paper, book plates, baker's sheets - all to die for!!!

My darling friend Terri put together a collection of my poems for my family before Christmas & to her I am truly indebted....thankyou for making my dream a reality! Check out what amazing stuff Terri does at www.formalcreations.com.au. My "Chocolate Pudding Nights" was all & more than I could have hoped for.

My writing group who all inspire me & keep me thinking & writing....where was I without you guys - Thursday nights are the highlight of my week!!

These are just a few of the things we can be thankful for, so today whatever you do: STOP, pause and be thankful for what you have....God is good....


  1. Yeah! Another blog for me to follow and look forward to reading! Love it!

  2. I used to be bored by Thursday night, now Thursday is the evening that keeps me going. We are such fantastic, talented , darling people. Thursday night is my precious night. Thank you Tiff, I love you.


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