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Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday Musings...

So many things to be thankful for.....this delightful autumn weather, getting the boy's bunk bed together AT LAST!!!!!, getting my room back to myself - our front lounge is now officially a Tiffany Zone again!!!!, catching up for good Italian coffee with my beautiful friend & her daughter, answers to a dear writing friend's puzzling & worrying illness - MS is the disease BUT she is such a strong amazing person who will use even this to her advantage, watching a movie WITHOUT interruption with Shaun! & meeting more relatives on Shaun's side of the family (though it is due to the sad occasion of Chris' funeral) ......they are loud, funny, full of life & love to debate & argue!!~! I think my family are ever so slightly more demure in our discussions!!!

Have a joyful week,



  1. Oh shucks are you talking about me? I'm blushing Tiff! you're amazing too!

  2. Yes I am so in awe of your spirit!!! I only wish I could have half that spirit!!!

  3. I just do what seems to be the best thing.


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