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Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Musings...

Well there are a few things I have been musing on over the past few days. Firstly sadness in the death of Shaun's aunt. She was just a young 60 & was diagnosed with secondary tumors approximately 4 months ago. She had a fight from the start and she slipped away last Thursday afternoon with her husband, daughter & some of her siblings around her. She had been very sick and so we want to say she is in a better place with no pain. My prayer is that she really did know the Lord as her personal saviour because only then can we say she truly is in a better place.

However I am reminded that God is over all things, he knows the beginning from the end and only He can make the crooked path straight.

Another thing I have been musing is how blessed I am to live here in Adelaide with our wonderful arts community. Currently the Adelaide Festival & Fringe is on. As a part of this fabulous 2 weeks is the Northern Lights display. It is a lighting display shown on some of our old buildings in the city & it is truly magical. Best of all it is FREE!!! We went to view it Saturday night & I have to say it did my soul good.

Have a look for yourself.......it is truly magical..............
Have a beautiful week,

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