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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wedding Bliss

Well we went to Jodi & Nathan's wedding on the weekend and it was just beautiful. Considering all the upheavals of recent times and the stress they have been under these last 4-5 months it is amazing what can be achieved - with the help of gorgeous friends.

Jodi's mum would have loved her daughter's special day and Aunty Chris was there in spirit, Jodi said she could feel her mum with her, so that was a comfort to her.

The wedding took place at Riverside Rowing Club right on our lovely Torrens River and the ceremony took place on the balcony just a the day began to close in.

Jodi was resplendant in a lovely 50's inspired HOT PINK dress.....with her attendants in black with sexy, sexy shoes!!!

The wedding cake was made by a friend - LOTS and LOTS of adorable chocolate crackles...just so sweet.

My thanks to Jodi & Nathan for including us in their special day.

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