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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I am

I am
you are
we are Australian

In recent weeks I have been saddened and broken over the devastation that has swept across parts of our land BUT I have also been gladdened and heartened by what people have done for others. We had our lovely holiday break in QLD and it was wonderful to be away but there was a very stark reminder around the corner, literally, of havoc on a grand scale. We helped where we could and felt good doing so.

I have returned home being even more thankful for what I have. I want to focus on the 'moments' each day and stress less about the maybe's of life.

I am truly truly thankful to be part of this beautiful country Australia and raise my head up high with great pride today especially -
HAVE A FABULOUS AUSTRALIA DAY........whatever you do!

TK xx


  1. We are one Australia, but we are made up of many different races. I love the various colours of the faces I see when I go out beyond my own backyard. I also love the fantastic flavours I find when I am shopping at the market or dining out. I'm glad Australia has embraced other cultures and brought them in, so we can all benefit from the best of everything that is in the whole world.
    Thank you Tiffany for giving me a prompt for my words!

  2. Happy Australia Day to you also Tiffany. I have missed you here in blogland. I hope all is well at your place. Take care.

  3. Happy Australia Day honey, thanks for stopping by today and just so you know...I have a washing thing too, I have even been know to rearrange peoples washing on their lines if its not done "right". hehe. Have a wonderful week honey. axx


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