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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Pink Lake Lady

The Pink Lake at Lochiel by Travelpod Member Nickimja

When we drove over to Pt Lincoln last month to spend time with my parents we went through the small dust marked town of Lochiel, just north of Adelaide. This town has always captured my imagination....I think it is cute.

I have held rather fanciful dreams of living in the old shop/post office - that building holds an allure for me for some reason. Gosh knows what I would actually DO in this town.....sit and contemplate the pink lady and write lots maybe......

Then there is this building....for a long time it was an eating place....it used to look loads better than this!! I was always so impressed with someone having the guts and determination to run this in Lochiel - there used to be lovely eating spots outside. Now its run down BUT I have just discovered its for sale!!!

I think the allure of this place really has something to do with the pink lake......it is so beautiful and mysterious....here is a recent scribble from that trip.

The Pink Lake by Travelpod Member Nickimja


Can you dance across
the pink lady
as she laces and curls
around the eastern scapes
of a forgotten
roadside town

straggly pines
border her
like worn-out ribbons
in yesterday's hair
yet she is
calm and serene
with not a ripple
on her countenance

this lady of the land
is somehow resplendant
settled in her
unfettered cloak
she the constant marker
on a busy main highway
to somewhere else.

TK xx


  1. Tiffany, your words are lovely. The pink lake is very pretty too.

  2. I love the "Pink lake Lady" pretty as a picture. you've got me thinking about "The Shed" - maybe rustic tuscan food with crusty breads served within a stone-throw of that beautiful lake - A travellers paradise!!
    I haven't seen "The Black Swan" but it's received excellent reviews. Love your pics or Port Lincoln. xx

  3. I say buy the building and make some sort of cafe out of it! Wouldn't that be fun!

  4. HNY dear Tiffany and best wishes for wonderful things for you in 2011~!!

    What a magical pink lake - it's such a part of the vast awe inspiring lanscapes that make up Australia!
    Beautiful images and even more beautiful and inspiring words, from your heart!
    Shane x

  5. I love the wild flowers in the first picture, love the poem too... great work Tiffany!!

  6. I've never heard of Lochiel but it looks like my kind of places. I love this little old magical towns.
    I will check it on our next drive north!!

    Welcome back Tiffany!! Missed you and your blog!!!


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