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Friday, February 18, 2011

my love relationship with Anais Nin

I adore anything written by Anais Nin and this is my find this week when sorting through a pile (and I mean P.I.L.E) of papers, brochures, shopping dockets (???), bags, postcards, stuff, stuff, more stuff....

" each friendship represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born
until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting
that a new world is born"

Happy Friday peoples,
TK xx


  1. oh Tiffany, this is so true, and so lovely. Do you mind if i copy this to my little book of feel good stuff? Gosh that is just so true especially in blogland. I have met such wonderful people here, including you. Thanks for rocking my world and making my day. Have a wonderfully fabulous weekend.

  2. Hello Tiffany, I too have always been fascinated by Anais Nin..although, sadly, I haven't managed to read a great deal of her work. I'm wondering if I can ask you what you enjoyed the most of hers?..well apart from the above of course ; ) I have had an understanding for some time now that there is Me & there is Rob & then there is the THE Relationship which has a life of it's own & is sooo much more than either of us separately..sort of like the quote. Much love Catherine ♥

  3. Ah! Another thing in common!
    I adore Anais Nin!! She's a great source of inspiration for me. Everything from her personal style, her integrity and courage and writing.


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