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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Port Willunga

I have had this dream, this wish for a long long time and finally last weekend it
was realised - WOW what a day!!

We took ourselves off for a drive 'down south' of Adelaide to the gorgeous
Port Willunga.
The day was sunshine'y gorgeous, not a cloud to be seen
Families were dotted along the beach everywhere
enjoying this last hurrah befoe the new school year commenced
There are these amazing caves cut in to the cliff face....
the perfect shelter from the sun's rays

We went for a lovely walk, getting our feet wet in
the cooling sea
I felt it was just as if I was somewhere on the Greek Islands...
I truly had to pinch myself, it hardly seemed real!!!
BUT....IT....WAS...and right here in our lovely
South Australia!!!
Then we had a late lunch at the much famed 'Star of Greece Cafe' -
was it worth the trip?
It was a deliriously magical day!!

TK xx


  1. What an amazing day!! I'm really quite jealous about your trip to the "Star of Greece Cafe" having read great reviews about the food . Love these pics and how good to be able to shelter in the little caves. So pleased you enjoyed it

  2. What a delightful adventure indeed, so good that the weather was lovely. I wonder who created the caves?
    Have a wonderful week.
    I intend to be found this week leaning out the window ; )
    Much love Catherine

  3. oh what a wonderful spot to spend a day. gosh, so many beautiful photos. I love it.


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