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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The numbers game....

Having just finished my essay re Home Made Food is much better for our health here is a small excerpt of what I wrote:

"Now we hear numerous accounts of children with such problems as ADD, ADHD, excema and asthma, irritable bowel syndrome in gigantuan propertions. If we as a society have become so advanced and have it all, how and when did this happen?

I believe these modern day problems are strongly linked to the foods we eat today. We are so highly geared towards fast meals. Time is of the esswence. Many families are dual income - both parents working because of need (or is that greed). Our mortgages and debts are mounting, our lifestyles frantic and our families are being fed on the run. Takeaway has become a norm and our kids "freak out" if they don't get McDonald's regularly. Have you stopped outside your local takeaway lately and noted what a roaring trade they are doing - any night of the week?"

Anyway.....it gives some foo for thought....

Have a beautiful week,

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