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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Floods in Pakistan 2010

What my TV screen showed me yesterday

...and this too shall pass...

news reel

after news reel

we get to sit in our

guilt edged western comfort

and view from afar

this human horror

un-named faces washing past

an inanimate TV camera

child's vacant face

staring at

the unknown world

fetid rubbish

putrid decay

now viewed momentarily

before washed over

by yet another muddy swell

this stinking swirl

through the camera man's lense

and what can I do

as I watch

this human horror

I sense only

utter disbelief

again and again

I ask myself

it all feels too unreal

my only comfort being

the sure and certain

knowledge that

...this season too shall pass...

all photographs courtesy of AP newsreel continuous - with thanks
TK September 2010


  1. The magnitude and horror of it defiesd belief doesn't it. I am part of a campaign just not to make ourf government pledge more money for aid. The horrible thing is that that's all i can do.

  2. Tiffany, this is heartbreaking. I watch the news reports just shaking my head, these children without parents, families torn apart, the sickness and pain.
    My thoughts also to you on the loss of Dudley. I have just caught up on your latest posts. Bless.

  3. Your words and the pictures help keep us involved in whatever way we can help.


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