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Friday, September 17, 2010

Kitchen Colours

As we start seriously thinking about our kitchen reno I have become a tad obsessive with colours in kitchens. Now we have both agreed (Mr TK & I) that our kitchen will be white as it is an open space slap back in the middle of our home BUT look at the little colour tasty morsels I have come across!! All photos courtesy of http://apartmenttherapy/.
this is serene & functional - love the marble benchtops & the owl collection!

cheap and cheerful - check out the funky drawer knobs

I just LOVE the feel of this space...

I am a sucker anytime for a butlers sink

look at the dishcloth here, cute chair & fridge!!

this is a little bit like what we envisage

this is urban and funky - loving the blue!!!

touches of warm wood tones - always  a winner in my book

love the red dials on the cooker...

and this room would brighten anyone's day - what's not to like!!

What are your kitchen faves, do you like colour in your workspace...I would love
to hear your thoughts...

TK xx


  1. umm! now let me see ~ white is crisp and clean and then you can add a few colour touches of your choice!! my favourite pic is the 3rd from the top ~ with a touch of cottage/country xx

  2. ohhhhhh numbers 3 and 5 with a number 4 sink. I do love number 8 as well. lol. Have fun deciding on your new kitchen.

  3. mmmm, loving your ideas, you cannot go past white with a bit of timber in the kitchen. And a butler sink - be still my heart...


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