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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All things tagged

I have been tagged by my dear new blog friend Lisa so its only fair to join in. She wants answers to 7 things about me so here goes:

1. What really cheesy/bad TV programme can you not help but watch?
Bad TV ...hmmm...... well I am a sucker for those dreadful 'made for TV' telemovies that often appear in the middle of the day. I often can be found recording them for later.....much, much later when everyone is in bed asleep!!!

2. What book you think is terrible, and why.
I love most books BUT just cannot get into anything written by Jodi Picoult. Yes, yes I KNOW she is a great author & everyone raves about her BUT her style just doesn't do it for me.

3. What does your bedlinen look like? please feel free to include a photograph
photos - no way...I just got out of bed after a nana nap!!!! We have black and light blue cotton percale sheets & a striped quilt cover by Sheridan (now out of stock.....its OLD style - all of 2 years ago!!! & so cannot get replacement anything!!!) with white, blues, murky green and subtle black.....rather beachy looking actually - ties in with a large photograph of a beach we have above our bed.

4. What is your favourite quality in yourself (you all have them so suck it up and pick one!)
I find this ridiculously difficult to answer...maybe my quality to be empathetic to a person/situation...not judgemental.

5. This one is from Dave - What is the worst injury you have had?
A couple of years ago I went ice-skating with my step-daughter and had decided to finish up. She asked me to do one more round with her and I got a bit too keen, fell over and twisted my knee - it hurt like hell!!!! I could not put any weight on that knee for weeks......it still plays up now & I have ABSOLUTELY NO DESIRE to do any more ice-skating anytime soon!!!

6. Do you listen to the radio/podcasts often and if yes, what do you listen to?
 don't get how podcasts work (maybe its my age...) but I listen to ABC Classic FM a LOT in the car.

7. If you stay in a hotel, do you take the mini bathroom toiletries home with you?
Okay I am a total brand snob here........it depends on the brand of said toiletries!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into me, scary isn't it!!!!

I am going to tag a few other bloggers whom I would I like to learn more about. so be sure to pop on over and check with Carolyn, Kasia, Mindy and Kelly. Hope you join in the fun........

TK xx


  1. hehe :) I don't mind :P This is going to be tonights late night blogging task for me tiff :) xox

  2. OK Tiffany, I'm up for it! This is going to be dreary so I'll perk it up a bit - hey, I'm a fiction writer - there will be at least a kernel of truth in my answers!

  3. Getting there TK.. Hopefully today if kids allow..


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