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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jacaranda Days

Although I am an autumn girl
this recent sunshine and beauty popping up
around me
also gives much delight...
not the least of which is the
beautiful jacaranda tree
so so many in flower just now
got to love these majestic trees

image via Tumblr

TK xx


  1. I have pestered my husband for years to get a Jacaranda tree - he hasn't come around yet. I just love them. Speaking of Jacaranda's - have you ever seen the Jacaranda Queen film? It is seriously one of the funniest doco's I've watched. Very aussie with loads of small town drama.

  2. Jacaranda are lovely, aren't they? We have a jacaranda tree but I suspect it's trying to die, if it hasn't already succeeded.
    We have lovely bottle brushes though, and we have various bulbs flowering. Flowers make any day look better!

  3. Carolyn - I love bottle brushes...you can pick a HUGE bunch for me anytime!!! Looking forward to seeing your collection of work!!!


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