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Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday Musings...

Well here we are on yet another hot day...for my os friends in the Northern Hemisphere lets just say we are sitting at 34 deg C this morning at 9am!!!! Already ugly outside & a stay inside in the cool kind of day! Kids all cranky at school this morning, oh I am soooooo thankful I am NOT a teacher!!! I don't think I would cope!!

So here I am back home in my beautifully airconditioned home just thinking about setting up bedroom for my dad & mum who are driving over to Adelaide for a few days! So, yes I am spoilt with this airconditioning & I do thank the Lord for it on these hot days.

I spare a thought for my folks as they drive the 7-8 hour journey here but I guess it will be short stops along the way & staying cool in the car LOTS!!!!!! It will be good to have them here with us for a few days.

As we settle to yet another week, I just pray for help with the heat, it seems to bring out the worst in me! Shaun I were busy after church yesterday trying to refit new toilet in our back toilet room......lots of frustrations - it was too hot, we were cranky & all in all a "Jonah" kinda day!!! We both fell into bed early last night & decided to strike the day out BIG TIME!! Oh but the toilet room did get done!!! I am going to copy some decorative ideas from a blogspot I follow http://domesticallyspeaking.blogspot.com & paint some old vases white for the shelf that will go in there. Thanks a bunch Maryann for the inspiration! Maryann is a wealth of information on all manner of things!!

I love spending time with my dad & mum & it will be so nice to have them here to stay. It has been about 17 months since they were last at our home so a lot has changed since then....be great to spend family time, catch up, bake for my dad, coffees, shopping with my mum, maybe a meal or two outside if the weather cools enough in the evening.....you know those sorts of simple feel good things.....

Anyway heres wishing you blessings this week & may you find something good (or even great!!) to celebrate.


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