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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Volunteer Work

I spent yesterday working at Max's school canteen.....his school is combined with another school's canteen so I get an opportunity to meet other mums that belong to Wynn Vale Primary, the school next door to ours.

It is always a great day - yesterdays big hit was Hot Crunchy Chicken Subs with lettuce & mayo!!!! & of course ice blocks galore!! I look back on the time when I was working ridiculous hours & trying so hard to be a good single mum (lesson learnt - you can't do it all!) where I didn't have time to help out at school or canteen, or anywhere at all really!! I am so glad that my life is now at a slower & more healthy pace where I can put something back in to the school, & bonus is I get so much out of it!

Hooray for all our volunteers whatever it is you do - GOOD ON YOU!!


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