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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Adding Sunshine To My Soul

I have been feeling a little blue these last couple of weeks,
so thought it would be a good idea to go in search of some sunshine
for my soul!
a simple sunhsine strip

heart warming walls
I truly ruly would love this bag
anything gifted in these tins would be just too sweet
doesn't this cake make you smile...
a New York cab stands out
daffodils - make me so happy
roses in the simplest of vases - this is sweet

I would love to run with freedom right now...
gumboots & all!!
(all photos courtesy of Global Photographics photostream)

Have a wonderful day
TK xx


  1. Yellow is mu favorite colour! :) and, yes, it brings joy and sunshine with it!!

    I've just posted about an inspiring competition that you might find interesting, I think it can bring some creative energies with it and that's always good!!

    Hugs and happy vibes!!! xxox

  2. Well I hope that your sunshine search has given you a boost...I do love the quote from your Monday musings. I am very consciously attempting to practice focusing on the good & joyful relationships in my life. I said " let it go" quite a few times to myself yesterday! I hope that the autumn brings deep richness to your soul & vibrant colour to all of your world. Much love to you Catherine x

  3. Tiffany, may lovely bursts of sunshiney goodness come your way. What lovely photos especially that bag, those tins and that dress with the boots. Lay your head upon the day, close your eyes on your 'blueness', sweet dreams be only what await you, to rise with the sunshine of tomorrow. xx

  4. lovely sunny images, hoping your days be more yellow than blue xx

  5. These images certainly brighten my day! Thanks so much for stopping by today :)

  6. pretty images - lovely colours and I know decadent cakes always make you smile. xx

  7. Yellow is V sunny isn't it!

    I hope you are feeling a little more sunny now, lovely T! x

  8. You visited my blog and I wanted to thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the post. I hope to see of you more. All the best.



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