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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Gratefuls

Today I am so thankful for AUTUMN - My favouritest season of the year!!!

I love walking amongst her leaves,
I love her colours
I lover her rosy hues
I love her cooler mornings
where crispness of air
makes you feel alive
and her magical sunshiney days...
warm your very soul.

don't forget to go over to Maxabella's for a weekend cuppa
and join in with the gratefuls!
TK xx


  1. Aaah, true autumn, that would be bliss.
    Instead we have had blistering heat, rain and slithering things.
    On the upside it meant that I could go to the beach and have a swim without hyperventilating from the cold.

    xx Felicity

    PS I see you on your sidebar that "Out Of Africa" is a loved movie, me too! Did you ever watch the ABC series "Flame Trees of Thika"?

  2. I'm also an Autumn lover, but I also love Spring. The turning seasons are definitely my faves. x

  3. Yes it's definitely the pretty soft golden season when everything turns that lovely shade of amber - like honey on the pour. xx

  4. Beautiful words! I love this time of year!


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