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Friday, March 11, 2011

Divine Dior

Now I am not generally a material girl but when I spied these beautiful creations I must confess my heart did a little pitter patter.
I love the sumptuous fabrics, the gorgeous colours and
the glitz and glamour that speaks of the
House of Dior!
I must add this too
isn't that just so chic...

For more of this divineness check out Captivated by Image and her blog article on Dior Heaven....
(all images courtesy of Captivated by Image)

ps - for those of you who were concerned I am feeling much better - my sunshine search seemed to do the trick!! I woke up on Wednesday and the dark cloud had lifted - hooray!

TK xx


  1. Keep those dark clouds away! Love all those lovelys!

  2. Divine Dior ~ just so... gorgeous and that pretty caramel dress ever so pretty. xx

  3. oh gosh, how lovely. oh I can just almost feel those fabrics, such luxury, such shimmery goodness.
    So glad your sunshine therapy did good. xx

  4. I'm turning into a handbag person these days and I love that handbag you have on this page! So full of purpose but so lovely with it.

  5. I fell in love with it myself! Truly amazing, isn't it? :)


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