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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bidding a Fond Adieu

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It is always sad to here of a death and when it is someone we all know and love it seems even more poignant. Today we farewell a lady who appeared to have it all. Elizabeth Taylor was famous, abundantly wealthy, loved by many and fabulously gorgeous - a true style icon.

She was the epitomy of what so many people strive for in this world.

However she also suffered greatly. She had a number of broken marriages and love affairs, and she had terrible times with ill health. She struggled with these issues and had the added stress of doing so in the public limelight.

What a blessing that she was surrounded by her children when she finally bid adieu to this world. Today I remember fondly a lady who appeared to me to have so much grace and poise - Elizabeth Taylor, I honour you.

TK xx


  1. Good bye to a lady who we loved and admired.
    She had lots of issues, and she had lots of style.

    We've lost a good one today.

  2. She was certainly beautiful and I think she will be remembered for those gorgeous violet eyes. xx

  3. She was so beautiful inside and out. I've always admired her. Amazing style, talented & so very charitable.

  4. very sad and she wasn't that old considering how much she's lived through.
    i hope she was happy at times. i feel for her family & friends ♥

  5. It is sad but what a life she lived. The stories she would have been able to tell...

    Have a great weekend. XX


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