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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Imperfect Prose - Daughter of Ours

You came to us
on a rainy day
clouds all grey
and heavy with

hope streamed
across our porch
as your little hand
tucked into
your fathers paw

we loved you
right from the start
even though
we barely knew
your name

we came to you
with hearts
of hopeful joy
the waiting
finally over

suspended in
this first
wanting it to be
so right

for you to
love us
as we already
had fallen
for you

you gave us
so much
that day in
your sunshine

dabbing panacea
to open wounds
patching up
our broken hurts

you came
took our hands
and we walked
off into our

and your father

TK xx


  1. I am SO EXCITED about this creative venture.
    HUGE congratulations. xx

  2. smiles. i hope that they get to read this...today or one day..a beautiful write...

  3. Yes, share this with her. To be loved in words she can tuck away when her days are grey and heavy with tears, a good gift.

  4. Beautiful - I can't help but think this is a loss for you. xox

  5. Nothing like a fine string of loving, heartfelt words to remind us who we are

  6. Oh friend, how can you say that I inspire you? These words, oh how they inspire me!!

    "we loved you
    right from the start
    even though
    we barely knew
    your name"

    I feel this, in my bones. Chills climbing on up. Beautiful writing!

  7. oh wow... to be loved this deeply.... this lets me see you embrace your beautiful daughter.... and it is an extraordinary gesture. thank you for sharing this with us, friend.

  8. Tiffany, your wirting true is a wee window into your heart. I am very much enjoying your (actually perfect) imperfect prose.

  9. This is absolutely beautiful, Tiffany! I'm so moved :)


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