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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Its been a while....our internet has been down and though I found it immensely frustrating it has also been strangely liberating. It has opened up time...time for me to read and as luck would have it my copy of 'One Thousand Gifts' by Ann Voskamp turned up. If you want to find out 'what it means to be...deeply human,...deeply spiritual,...deeply and authentically fulfilled' then this book is a must for you. TK xx


  1. We have started having allotted 'internet free' time, as both of us use it so frequently. We have internet at home and smartphones. It's Twitter and Facebook that really absorb me, and we are trying to work on that by having time outs.

  2. I've not heard of Ann Voskamp before - must check out my library. xx

  3. Someone recommended that book to me the other day - I really must look into it!

  4. I just had the same experience last weekend with no internet and lots of free time!
    I'm reading Ken Robinson's fascinating book The Element. I think you'll like it.
    I'll check out Ann Voskamp's book next!


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