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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I had a moment...

the other night a dear friend popped around for a cuppa and a chat...and it was just so lovely...switching off from the world, life and the universe and catching up with what was happening in her space....at the end of the night when I turned to walk back in the house after saying goodbye I had one of those special moments...it had been softly raining all evening and raindrops had clustered on the diosmas out the front.....they sparkled in the evening light just like a string of dancing fairy lights...picture perfect....it made me smile.

TK xx


  1. hello, I received a delightful surprise of kindness. Thank you to you. My head is down in study - barely even a quick blogging fix! xo Much love

  2. don't you love those moments??? it's like God, touching down, reminding us he exists...


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