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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wednesday and its full on!!!

This week seems to be crammed full of STUFF!!! Life is meant to be in a routine now, after all we are in to the 3rd week of Term Two - yet I find myself scrabbling around, behind the eight ball so to speak, racing the clock and just plain old disorganised!~!~!

I finally managed to get in some baking yesterday afternoon, only to be met by 'oh yum chocolate cake, oh no this one's no good mum'!!! - quick question - is there such a thing as bad chocolate cake?

My notes have started to arrive for study......and my desk is still looking, well not ready!!

My meal plans that worked so well last term, seem to have evaporated and now its madness at 6pm as I work out what we are going to eat for dinner. Shaun is having waaaayyyyyyy tooooooo many frozen dinners just now!

I have a study class tomorrow morning and I have to confess that I have not prepped for it yet........at least I have got the evening ahead....

I have finally managed to get to the bottom of our internet problem and with any luck we will be back on line at home really soon......

We have had our first weekend with our little respite foster girl and it was wonderful - she is a little cutie and certainly adds a new dimension to our home. She changed outfits on average 6x per day ( and she is only 5!!!)

I have my Writing Group tomorrow night and I am organised for that.

I have a quiet weekend with my books planned...that makes me smile.

I wonder, is your Wednesday leaving you frantic and struggling to keep up, or as I am trying to do (thanks to 'One Thousand Gifts') are you able to S.L.O.W. down and take in the good, the little, the moments...they are all precious. I am trying really hard to learn this new lesson, this taking time to make time idea.

TK xx


  1. How exciting to begin your study - it will be great. My Jude bought me a fridge magnet meal planner from the mother's day stall at school, it is great and helps me make a meal plan more effectively!

    Maybe we should have a weekend away - seriously! xox Rach xo

  2. It is good to know that at the end of all the rush, there is quiet time, isn't it! Life is a bit arrgh for us at the moment, but this weekend we have scheduled 'down time'. I can't wait.

  3. Definitely no such thing as bad chocolate cake! That sounds like my week last week. This week I have not gone to any of my usual weekly activities, just so that I can catch up and because the kids have colds, and I am slowly catching up. I think i need to schedule a week like this in every month.
    I am still keen to read that book!

  4. woah, so much goin on here TK! I was reading this fast paced & imagining you typing it frantically.
    i hope you manage to get on top og things, hey it happens, let it be & get the necessary things done.

    goodluck with your new family member (i am glad my 5yr old doesn't do "costume" changes!)
    all the best with the study, very exciting.

    thanks for thinking of me, you are awesome! ♥

  5. We have been crazy here, too. My husband got his first tattoo last Friday (I will post about that momentous occasion soon LOL!), our sweet 14 year old Sheltie went to doggy heaven Sunday (I've cried so much the past few days), tonight my son "graduates" from AWANA (a Bible memorization program he's been in since he was 4), and Friday is his piano recital. Sooooo much stuff!

    I hope you have fun with your new little foster girl! Sounds like she is having fun with you!

  6. Good luck with everything lovely! And have fun with your books this weekend :)

  7. "I have a quiet weekend with my books planned...that makes me smile." How fun!! Hope that your weekend is full of wonderful bliss. Thinking of you!


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