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Wednesday, June 1, 2011


A cracked lip; raw skin.

I pined for orange flickers

Dancing off a cheery fire.

A gelid blast of arctic air

Had caught me unawares –

Reinforcing my desire.

Turning down an avenue,

I froze; suspicious trees –

Likely destined for a pyre –

Were laughing off the icy chill

Of callous winter nights.

And I? Simply to retire

Snug, inside a balmy chair

Of warming solitude:

Ah! my carol, my festive choir.

~Mark R Slaughter~

TK xx


  1. I find it so, so odd, even though I know our seasons are opposite, that it's beginning to be winter for you.

  2. This so reminds me of my summer spent in Tasmania...it was so strange for me to be throwing snowballs in July! : ) Beautiful poem! I'm wishing for just a little of that cold here because it will be 95 (your 35) today, with a heat index of 100! : )


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