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Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Musings...

Well I am declaring Monday as MY Mothers Day......yesterday, although a beautiful day was a bit of a dud one for me.
1. Shaun got VERY sick Saturday night, not a lot of sleep as he was being sick sick sick EVERYWHERE & we ended up calling a doctor out.
2. I spent yesterday being extra quiet & there for him to help him up to get to the bathroom.
2. My Max came back 2.5hrs late yesterday from his dad's place, so not a lot of time together.

So I didn't get to do my butterfly cakes in the pretty cases BUT will do them tomorrow instead. We have study group tomorrow night so they will make a perfect supper!!

I made the most of it when Maxie got home & we watched "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" with Johnny Depp. I LOVE anything with Johnny Depp in it!!! It meant a late night for him though & I am sure I will pay the price later on today but hey you gotta do this stuff sometimes!!! We both had a good night on the couch with warm milk, cuddles & giggles.

Hope your day was lovely whatever you did,


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