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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Little Touches of Gorgeousness at our place

We are in the middle of renovations at the moment which is all good BUT during the week I found myself getting a little frustrated with continually walking over or around lengths of timber, having to make the paint tins a priority in our back porch (when I just wanted ease of access to the clothesline!!) & spending too much time on the phone with suppliers etc....I just want this ALL done so we can have our weekends FREE again to do other stuff....like well you know other stuff!!!

Anyway I stopped & decided to send myself on a little excursion to photograph some of the gorgeous spots in our home & in the end I found a few!! It helped, actually it helped a lot & I was then able to re-approach the seemingly endless tasks that lay ahead of me. Here is a snippet from me to you so hope you relish in these bundles of gorgeousness as much as me!!


  1. What a great idea !!!!

    Perhaps I should do something similar as we are also in the midst of building works.. is hard work isnt it !

    Oh I LOVE your purse and your roses :)

  2. I love those stone roses, and the pavers in the garden.

  3. what lovely little treasure's you have, great way of displaying your photographs on your blog, too


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