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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Inspiration 5...

One of my other children is Shaun's beautiful daughter Leia. She hasn't come to visit with us for a while and sadly it may be some time yet HOWEVER this has given me as good opportunity to do up her room into a more grown up style that will always be there waiting for her whenever she decides to come back to visit or stay with us. I miss my other children very much...it breaks my heart but I feel better knowing I have this little project to work on.

As we have been working on the house things have been moved around and her room has been a storage spot to keep things out from under our feet....BUT that is all about to change. The bed will remain (it belonged to Leia's aunt) but as it is bright red it doesn't fit my colour pallette so it will get a lick of paint.

This little book case will stay...my dad made it for us girls when we were little & I had a thing about purple then!!! It will get a coat of paint though!!

This dressing table will go but all Leia's trinkets are going to be kept for her & boxed up in pretty storage that I have spied at NEDS (read bargain!!!)

I am on a strict budget with this room BUT I already have an idea of where I want to head....hence my inspiration for today....

I love the shape of this mirror & the gorgeous lamps.....I have already spied something similar in Target but wil probably only do one lamp. Leia's room is quite small & I think 2 may be too much.

I adore the sumptuous colours here so will keep this in mind. It is way too flouncy & full blown for our Leia but rather to remember the elements of it. I will be aiming for a much cleaner line.

Isn't this desk area just lovely....this is very much along the line...it is actually taken from Rachel Ashwell's daughters room. Same age as our Leia when this was done.

Okay, this is way too much for lovely Leia BUT again I like the light & feel of the room. Leia's room has a large window along one side so she gets lots of beautiful natural light. I want the room to breathe the outside in hence my inclusion of this picture.

Lovely Leia you are my precious girl, I will always adore you & love & care for you no matter what. This labour of love is for you my beautiful daughter & my hope & prayer is that we can share it with you one day.


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  1. Love all your ideas, will look forward to seeing it as you go.


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