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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A cup of tea....

Its a cold slow Sunday morning
one of those days where I need to
start out with a nice pot of tea.

Aren't these teacups just tooooo divine?
My favourite teas are English Breakfast or Irish Breakfast when
looking for something robust, & Lady Grey or a decent Chai when
hankering for a soothing brew.
What about you, let me know your favouritest favourite teas??
Have a happy slow warming Sunday...

TK xx


  1. T2 makes a beautiful French
    Earl Grey - my favourite tea in the afternoon.

    Those tea cups are beautiful

  2. Sometimes just plain ol' Liptons. But other times a nice Orange Pekoe or my fav green tea, GenMaiCha - it has little bits of toasted rice like popcorn in it and is so yummily nutty.

  3. tea is a wonderful subject.
    I simply adore the tea sold by Etsy seller Verity from Joie de tea...her Chai Masala is divine.
    I also love that Genmai Cha that AlyshaJane mentioned!
    But most of the time I just drink leaf tea Dilmah.

  4. Tea deserves a pretty cup ...definitely.
    My favourite is a mixture of 2 parts English Breakfast 1 part Earl Grey - to be sipped slowly between bites of Macaron-Pistache - served on a pretty side-plate of course !!


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