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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Whats On Your Table - Tuesday

 I see the wonderful Joyce has something delectable on her table - hmmmm, no such luck here!!!

I am just in from a morning running around, followed by a massage appointment, not the relax & enjoy type, but rather the crunch of bones & inward gasps of pain type!!

My latest op shop find - my crochet bag!!!!! Love, love it, love it, hubby hates, hates, hates it!!!
Gotta have a scarf  or two in the mix! Wearing BOTH of these today!! One on me & one on the bag!!
cough lozenges
my current "must have" item - Korner Just Delight lip balm (pressie from my sister when she recently visited from UK)
note book - see the scribbles...that needs work!!! & needs to be put on my laptop. I still do my writing freehand & then transfer it onto laptop - slow & old fashioned I know but thats the way I work.
devotional book - to help guide me & stay my busy stress head mind!!
novel from the library that I am still trying to finish!! Think i will take it to Auskick this arvo & spend some time reading in the car - its cold & wet here today!@!

Whatever your table holds,
enjoy it, delight & take pride -
its the little minutaie of life that makes
us special!!!

TK xx

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