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Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Musings...

Today I have been wondering if I could do as the amazing & thrifty Trace @ http://bountifully.blogspot.com/ & join in The Challenge!

I absolutely know I SHOULD do it........but wondering if I COULD do it!! Well its only for 365 days, yes that is the problem, its for 365 DAYS!!!!! but I am musing if I will feel all warm, fuzzy & virtuous if I do it OR be immediately swamped every time I venture out with NEW things to buy!!!!!

TK xx


  1. LOL. I am about 3/4 my way through the same kind of challenge. it was easy at first but i am now dying for a few new digs. good luck if you go for it! it saves a lot of money that's for sure! and also gets your creative decorating/style into gear via thrifting/making. xo m.

  2. you go so do it, go for it!


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