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Friday, July 23, 2010

Amazing Mums!!!!

I picked up a fab book yesterday -
"How to be an 'Amazing Mum' When You
Just Don't Have the Time" by Tanith Carey
and it so full of sensible value suggestions...
it makes me wonder why some of it hadn't
dawned on me previously.

It is a 'dip in and read' a section type of book
with suggestions on how to -
- arrive at school looking fab NO MATTER WHAT
- head off mess BEFORE it happens
- throw together a nutritious school lunch in ONE MINUTE
- get children to do what you ask the FIRST time
and such like.

I have already spent a little bit of time 'dipping in'
and am impressed. It is written by a UK author so some
points are more relevant to Northern Hemisphere mums
but that said I think it gives great value
AND it cost me a whole AUD $9.96.

On that note it got me thinking.......
my Max is a little older now but I did purchase
a couple of these recently

they are FABULOUS crayon rolls from
one very talented and amazing lady
check out Lindsey's creations here

They keep the crayon/pencil stash neat & easy
to find,
they are cute - she does them in a whole host of fabrics
AND she is absolutely delightful to correspond with.
I have purchased from her a few times now and always
get my orders in super quick time.
I gave one each to my sisters (who have little boys)
and they have both reported back to me that they
are a God send!!!

For you crafty clever chickies out there.....I think Lindsey
did a tutorial on how to make them about 2-3 months ago
so I say go fo it......
you will be considered a SUPER COOL MUM!!!

TK xx


  1. Hi Tiffany, wow, getting my kids to do something the first time I ask them? THAT is a book I need here. lol. thanks for the post. I love reading your blog. Have a great weekend.

  2. I second Joyce! :) Give us more please! Just this hint - how do I make the little one do what I ask her? It is going to change my life if it works!! :)

    Loving crayon and pencils rolls. Super neat. Should try and make one myself. One day.....

  3. Looks like a great book. I've made those crayon rolls for my kids to use in the car on long journeys, there so good. I love the fabrics she's used in that one.


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