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Friday, July 2, 2010

Open Spaces

I am a little bleary eyed today - had a fantastic but late night with my writing group last night....subject matter this week was "Open Spaces".

I feel it all
closing in around me
sharp painfully bright
flickering lights
loud deep
resounding noises
my mind needs to get
for a break
from this
urban concreted jungle
steps are taken
at the threshold
I walk again
that well worn
At that turn
I go left
haven't tried that before
the noise
those loud piercing
and manufactured
cacophany of full time
life's party cheer
still feels so close
around a corner
and past a little shrub
it's there my feet find
this wonderful scene
my mind has at last
stumbled upon
the most magnificent,
the most amazing
of open spaces.

TK   June 2010

This is our park...straight across the road & it goes on forever.....I love its wide open spaces.

Have a fab weekend, get out in some open spaces & enjoy!!!

TK xx


  1. So lovely is your writing. Thank you for sharing little bits of inside TK with us.

  2. I really enjoyed reading that, you have a real talent. Lovely journey.

    Hope you enjoy some wide open spaces this weekend, too. But dress warm with this winter weather. hehe :)

  3. Lovely share Tiff. Thank you.


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