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Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Musings...

Yesterday at church our minister asked that God would
protect and guide our children in such a materialistic & posessions
based world.....I thought this was such a lovely prayer.

image via Benton's

I then got home & over a cuppa was reading a section of our
Sunday paper & I came across an article by Anna Moore
- '20 Ways to Simplify Your Life'.
She starts the article..."Stop being so hard on yourself
& you'll be a lot happier & more relaxed."
Here are three that I thought I would share with you.

1. Cut down your to-do-list.
Restrict your daily to-do-list to three tasks only.
Don't try to tackle your entire mental "master"
list. Pick three things that are achievable in a day,
including one easy one that you can cross off straight

2. Don't ignore tiredness.
Take a rest. Tiredness is not something that should
be dismissed as part of a busy life. Lack of energy
is one of the symptoms of depression. Seek help
before you crash.

3. Choose an extra holiday over a new kitchen floor.
Children couldn't care less if the floor is vinyl or limestone,
but memories of holidays will stay with you all for a

 Some of you may already be aware that I struggle with this fast paced materialistic
world we find ourselves in & how I am seeking ways
to have an impact for the better & make my mark on leading a
calmer, more sustainable & I believe happier life!
I often struggle with this & tie myself in knots trying to get
it all right in one go. I worry about the life my children live & how they
seem to want, want, want so much & yet I love the moments
when I sneak a peek of my Max playing "Star Wars" with his imaginary friends
I think I need to learn to realise what I have achieved & concentrate on little
accomplishments along the way. I need to listen to my body when it is tired, have a think
& get on with organising our much talked about trip to Melbourne & stop with the GIGANTIC to-do-list!!! (amongst other things!!!)

Many fab women out there are doing lots of great things daily in their homes & their lives....
Why don't you take a moment or two & go visit with  Emma, Joyce & Traci along with
another fabulous mumma here.
They all inspire me on a daily basis - thanks girls....

My "prayer" today is that we can all take a moment to muse
on simplifying our lives this Monday - & perhaps adding back some joy!!!

TK xx


  1. What a lovely post. I couldn't agree with you more! However, I'm really not sure how I would go cutting my to-do list down to 3 and oh how I wish I could just sleep.... and not just dismiss the tiredness, but sometimes you just have to keep going regardless. I definitely am all for the last one though - holiday over new floor any day! Beautifully written - I have discovered there really is beauty and often a lot deeper meaning in the simple everyday things of life.

    p.s. i have tagged you for a blog award - head over to see what it is about. no pressure though - only if it interests you.

  2. What an inspiring post. I came across to return the visit! Ill be back for more poetry and musings. Very happy to find you


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