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Friday, July 30, 2010

Walking In The Morning At Anlabee

if I am quiet
I can slip out
go along any
wandering path
across fields
reach out to
wide open

if I am quiet
I can slip out
early in the day
as the sun
first stretches over
the horizon
spreading out her
warming fingers

if I am quiet
I can slip out
this new sun
heating my weariness
one step at a time
I get to be

TK    July 2010


  1. aah!! that is just so beautiful! I can imagine you slipping out and walking up the paddocks.

  2. This is lovely...hope you manage to do this....even if it's only metaphorically...

  3. oh Tiffany, I can feel the fingers of the sun warming me right now and its 8.30pm at night. Bless, this is lovely, thank you.


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