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Sunday, November 28, 2010


This weekend I am grateful for My Little Family - you rock my world boys!!

I am grateful that I was able to go and watch my M play cricket in the rain!!!!

I am grateful for the rain, our garden is so much happier with it.

I am grateful for my fitness training buddies that keep on keeping me motivated!!

I am grateful for my lovely park across the road, where I can wander for hours and dream.

I am grateful to my Shaun for understanding and getting my need to slow down just now......and giving me the space to do so.

What are you grateful for? Pop on over here for LOTS MORE GRATEFULS!!!!

TK xx


  1. Lovely! And so nice to see a new face. Thanks for joining in the gratefulness, TK x

  2. Nice list! I need fitness buddies - so much more fun with others :-)


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