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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Raising Happy Children

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Well I wanted to know the secret....and maybe in that work out one of the oracle's of life.

So this past week we went along with our study group to here Steve Biddulph speak on this very subject. Steve & Sharryn Biddulph are well known in many parenting circles and travel the world speaking on this topic amongst others.

Firstly Steve had us in stitches many times. His ability to portray the true funny side to parenting was spot on.

What did I learn? Well it sounds really silly and somewhat simplistic BUT whilst listening I realised a couple of things:
1. Max is doing EXACTLY what he should be doing for a 9 year old boy
2. We are doing OKAY as parents!!!!

Is Max a happy child? Well, yes in fact he is and I asked him this very question a couple of days later. His answer was, 'Yes mum I am so lucky'. My answer to him '....and I am such a lucky mum...' followed by a HUGE hug and squishy kiss.

I call that a win/win!! This has given me renewed confidence in my abilities to parent our son the way he needs to be parented. Yes, I might be a bit "soggy" but over all we are doing okay......well that makes me smile and watching our Max be the person that he is, makes me the proudest mum on the planet!!!!

If you haven't read 'The Secret of Happy Children' by Steve Biddulph, check it out. It may just restore your faith in yourself and your abilities to parent!!

TK xx


  1. Sounds very much like a win/win!! xx

  2. So easy I think to let ourselves think we are doing a bad job when our children misbehave, etc. but we really do need to give ourselves a break don't we? Thanks for this positive and affirming post. I have wanted to check that book out for years!

  3. My grandfather reckoned you should raise children like horses or dogs. Tell them what to do and be firm but fair. He did raise well behaved horses, dogs and children so it works.


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