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Friday, November 26, 2010

Writing Group exercises....

We had a fun night last night doing this writing exercise where we each wrote a line on a piece of paper then handed it on to the person to our left. They then wrote a line under the first line and then folded over the paper to hide the first line before handing it on to the next person.

This meant that when you got the pieces of paper all you could see was the line written before yours. Think 'Chinese Whispers' in written version, well kind of.

At the end we then got our piece of paper back and unravelled the paper to read what it said.......The idea was to then take your "piece" and work with it to end up with a piece to present to the group. Some actually kind of worked straight away, some needed a bit of creative input.

Here is my piece, with a little help from my friends!!!!! (thanks guys xx)

and the snapdragons swayed
in the breeze
as the bird landed
her white wings whispered
whirling sounding streams
wings fluttered and
she was aloft
her song permeating
the airwaves
it brought me to dance.

TK xx

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