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Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Musings....

"...if you insist on instant, you'll get your tea, but you'll miss one of tea's most beautiful benefits - the blessing of slowing down to enjoy it. You'll be having your tea but losing the opportunity to stake out an island of calm serenity in the chaotic ocean of daily life."
~Emily Barnes~

Please take a moment to enjoy a quiet and serene space in the midst of your busy week!
TK xx


  1. I shall do!
    thanks lovely for the sweet birthday message..soo sweet ♥
    enjoy the week

  2. Oh I do agree and I 'pause' often with my cup of tea.
    I also like using a pretty teacup and enjoying the good things of life.
    Sometimes I walk around my garden and marvel at each new flower to greet the day.
    But often I take five and visit a few inspiring blogs like yours, to see what's happening in your world!
    Shane x


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