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Friday, November 19, 2010

my little rant...

Well I went out for dinner last night at a local fab hotel with my writing group buddies before we went to hear a session gien by a children's author & illustrator. Before I get on with this post let me just put here that you should check out Sally Heinrich.....totally inspiring and talented lady......I am going to get a couple of her books for my nephews as my M thinks he is way toooooooooo cool for picture books now!!!

Anyways there we are all waiting for our meals & I am laughing over some silly inane comment when I glance across to the table next to us. There is a lovely family scene: mum & dad, grandparents & a cute little boy sitting up in a highchair. A lovely family evening I think, how sweet.

It is then that I notice a black box thing unevenly propped on the edge of the table with cords running out of it up to the little boy's head.

No I just don't think this is real..........it is not some life saving machine required to give this boy life it is a PORTABLE ......DVD......PLAYER.......!!!!!

I am absolutely gob smacked in the wrong sense......how can these parents just have this boy SO disconnected from the meal and the precious family time? What is going to happen to him in future years? No-one spoke to this little boy, no-one connected with him, he just sat there watching his dvd in a little world all of his own. I might add that this boy was about 4yo, was quite normal and able to manage by himself as at one stage he was taken out of the highchair by dad and taken to the bathroom. When his meal came it was put in front if him and he just went on watching his dvd. NO_ONE included this sweet little boy AT ALL!!!

Now, I am certainly not of the opinion that children should run the show, particularly when out for dinner, but my heart just ached and I felt like crying for the total lack of involvement this little boy had with the family unit.

I have been guilty (more times than I care to remember) of puting my M in front of the TV to give me some peace and quiet to get on with things BUT I have always included him in family time and meals.

Easy parenting you say, mindless and totally thoughtless parenting I say. This mum and dad totally missed the point of a family night out in my book.......heaven help the adults of tomorrow if this is their reality today.

TK xx


  1. ohhh exactly!! the adults of tomorrow!
    there is one thing we do even if it means eating dinner at 7pm but we must eat at the table as a family, no tv, no distractions just us.
    we don't own portable dvd players & don't think we will because kids need us for social behaviour and if we do that to them then what is going on.
    now I understand there are moments when it is necessary...ABC2 is a lifesaver, but it's not an all day thing.
    well said TK!

  2. Hey Tiffany,

    Good to check out your little piece of the internet, here! This story is truly mind-boggling. I can imagine how shocked you must have been. Can't say I've ever seen something like that before, but very strange. Thanks for sharing!

  3. That's so.. sad !! a little life ignored ~ I would have found that very upsetting. Good ranting. xx

  4. Look, I realise this meant a lot to you Tiff, but at least it was keeping the little creature quiet. But I had my back to him, and I could easily ignore him, you couldn't help but see the less than happy family.
    If it ever happens again, I'll swap seats with you!

  5. Hey Tiff. Not sure if you got my email or not but you one the little Where is my Cloud? book so can you please email me your address so I can get that off to you this week :)

    theteachildren@live.com xo


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