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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Walking in Mud

today it feels like
I am walking in mud....
sludging away
getting stuck
with each step
bogging down
on the detail
moving forward
at such a slow pace
today I am
just stuck

TK xx


  1. mmm! yes I've been there ~ stuck in mud , getting no-where. xx

  2. Hullo my dear blog friend. I hope you manage to squelch your way out of the mud soon. Also just read your post on the little family out to dinner. Ugg! Two thumbs up to you my friend. I was horrified just reading it. We don't go out to dinner often, however, when we do, its so much fun. We order lots of food, taste from each others plates, swap chairs, laugh and chat. Some places have colour pencils and paper for the kids, well we get in there and colour in too. It's a lovely family time out and if friends are with us, it's all the merrier.

  3. I love the pic you have with this post Tiffany! I also know that stuck feeling. Sometimes it has a physical cause, sometimes mental.

    Weirdly, I've found sitting still and being in the moment can bring order and purpose back.

  4. My Tuesday felt like that too ... perhaps it was too much blog surfing ... I've sent you an email and posted details on my blog about that blue teapot from Elizabeth Park, SA. P.S. Hope your Wednesday works wonderfully wordsmith.

  5. Oh, I can totally relate to that this week.... Although I think sometimes slowing down is good as you suddenly find hidden paths you haven't seen before.
    So beautifully written Tiffany!

  6. I saw this quote today and thought I should get back here and post it for you...

    It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.
    - Confucius


  7. Dear Tiffany
    I sooo relate to this post.
    I've had lead in my boots all week - and I've been unable to settle at anything.
    Our miners disaster is the main reason - as a nation we've all been in limbo until the dreaded finality of two days ago.

    I arrived here via Catherine of an angel in my garden. She has posted your beautiful video clip of "Going Home".....so moving.

    Tiffany, would you mind if I direct my followers to that post on your blog?? Please let me know.
    I'm joining your followers too, I'm captivated by your engaging style of writing.



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